Ashish Khemka

Ashish Khemka

Strategy, Finance, Operations and Technology

Clean tech, Upstream
United States

1. What is your profession? Or if you are retired, what was your profession?

Management consultant and scholar

2. What are your areas of expertise?

Upstream: General Management, Operations, Technology, Project Management, Commercial, Executive, I.T./Digital, Marketing, Supply Chain

Upstream Areas: Offshore, Onshore

Clean Tech List: Technology, Commercial, Project Management, Corporate Development, Executive, I.T/Digital, Supply Chain

Types of Clean Tech: Solar, CO2 capture, Batteries, Wind

3. Current employer:


4. Previous employers:

Charles River Associates, A.T Kearney, DTE Energy, Independent consultant

5. How did you end up in the Energy Industry?

I was always interested in the industrial sector, once I joined management consulting in 1999, I started to narrow my industry focus to the industrial sector. In the mid 2000s I worked for a major energy company and that furthered my interest in the sector  
6. Why do you like working with Start-Ups?
When working with start ups, there is a lot to learn, greater collaboration and usually a more exciting work environment.

Okay, now for some fun things about Ashish

7. What are three of your interests outside of work?

  • Travel

  • Learning

  • Farming

8.  What are your top 3 accomplishments (personal or professional)?  Don’t be shy!  Give ‘em to us.

  • Ability to contribute to the community

  • Ability to continue to learn new skills and talents

  • Ability to learn from mistakes both personal and professional

9.  If I were a superhero, my superpower would be               .

My memory

10. If I weren't so damn good at what I do now, I'd probably be                 .

A Teacher

11.  My favorite song is               by            .

Nursery rhymes as they remind me of my childhood, simpler times, cleaner air, and togetherness with family and friends who are not with us anymore.

12.  If I won the lottery tomorrow, I'd          .

Charitable organization to help individuals and families dealing with addictions, and also to serve the differently abled populations.

13.  The best piece of advice I've ever been given is                              .

Earn as much as you can, save as much as you can, give as much as you can.