Sanjay Bhatia

Sanjay wants to live in a world where innovation can propel our economy to new heights, diversity in skills, backgrounds, and personalities can come together to make incredible things happen, and where drone flying is legal in National Parks. Sanjay received his B.S. from The University of California Berkeley and his MBA from The University of Chicago. He has designed and implemented new business models throughout his career. At Booz Allen, he helped energy and service companies, and businesses in other industries, improve their competitiveness in various ways, including M&A, marketing and branding, operational improvement, and organizational design. He led FMC Technologies Corporate Development team for nearly nine years, increasing the company's market share and share of wallet with new product launches, technology development, and service add-ons. He has consulted for a number of start-ups and privately owned companies, focused on achieving growth. Sanjay enjoys having his paradigms altered by Becky. He also loves droning, investing, and hanging with his college-aged daughter. He enjoys mentoring family, friends, and colleagues, and seeks to help our millennials achieve financial security while they change the world.

Meet Natalya Brooks

Meet Natalya Brooks, one of our Villagers helping Energy Industry Start-Ups go to market and make sales. We asked Natalya why she likes working with Start-Ups:

"I love to imagine the possibilities. It is inspiring to see highly motivated people who work to turn an idea into reality. It’s been said that there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. The world is full of good ideas but only some of them become viable and get to scale. I like to be part of the journey to commercialize good ideas."

We are honored to have Natalya on our team. You can read more about her here: