Brian Pipeline

Brian Pipeline

Sales & Marketing

United States

1. What is your profession? Or if you are retired, what was your profession?

Oil & Gas - Upstream, Logistics

2. What are your areas of expertise?

Upstream: Reservoir Engineering, Geophysical, Technology, Drilling, Completions, Sales, Project Management, Marketing, Commercial

Upstream Areas: Onshore

3. Current Employer:

Top secret information

4. Previous Employers:

Biota Technology, SageRider

5. How did you end up in the Energy Industry?

An old family friend recruited me to join a oil and gas start-up, which turned out to be the best professional education I've ever received.  

6. Why do you like working with Start-Ups?

The belief and drive to build something great, while having an influential impact on company culture to improve the lives of the people involved. A true team effort!

Okay, now for some fun things about Mr. Pipeline

7. What are three of your interests outside of work?

  • Spending time on the lake with my family.

  • Golf.

  • Hunting.

8.  What are your top 3 accomplishments (personal or professional)?  Don’t be shy!  Give ‘em to us.

  • Two beautiful kids.

  • Numerous "Salesman of the Year" awards.

  • Contributing to the success of a reputable start-up through acquisition.

9.  If I were a superhero, my superpower would be               .


10. When I was 5, I was pretty sure I'd be a                 when I grew up.

The "President of the United States" (thank the good Lord that didn't work out!)

11. If I weren't so damn good at what I do now, I'd probably be                 .

Retired professional wakeboarder.

12.  My favorite song is               by            .

Too many to choose... it all depends on the mood!

13.  If I won the lottery tomorrow, I'd          .

start a non-profit, to help others in need.

14.  The best piece of advice I've ever been given is                              .

Prior preparation prevents piss poor performance!