Rob Lewis

Rob Lewis

Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

Midstream, Downstream, Upstream
United States

1. What is your profession? Or if you are retired, what was your profession?

Digital Strategist

2. What are your areas of expertise?

Midstream: Engineering, Operations, Technology, I.T./Digital, Projects, Commercial

Downstream: Process Engineering, Commercial, Project Management, Digital

Downstream Subsegment: Retail

Upstream: Project Management, Technology, I.T./Digital

Upstream Areas: Offshore, Onshore

3. Current employer:

Evolve Village

4. Previous employers:

Evolve Collective, TechnipFMC, FMC Technologies, Control Systems International

5. How did you end up in the Energy Industry?

I was working in the defense industry designing machines that made munitions and decided I didn’t want my legacy to be the guy who revolutionized cluster bombs. I sent out feelers looking for a career change and I took the first offer I got. It happened to be from a systems integrator that was transitioning from specializing in the grain industry to automation work for the oil and gas industry. 

6. Why do you like working with Start-Ups?

It is challenging, rewarding and I like being able to make a difference.

Okay, now for some fun things about Rob

7. What are three of your interests outside of work?

  • Playing Guitar

  • Coaching a special needs baseball team

  • Physical fitness

8.  What are your top 3 accomplishments (personal or professional)?  Don’t be shy!  Give ‘em to us.

  • Raising two incredible daughters

  • Creating a revolutionary software product and selling it to a Fortune 500 company

  • Surviving my reckless youth

9.  If I were a superhero, my superpower would be               .

Is keeping something for years and then throwing it away just before it's needed a superpower? If not, then to see uses for technology that no one else can see.

10. When I was 5, I was pretty sure I'd be a                 when I grew up.


11. If I weren't so damn good at what I do now, I'd probably be                 .

I'd probably be a boat captain.

12.  My favorite song is               by            .

Impossible to chose. Music has always been a passion of mine, and there are so many great songs that have spoken to me. If you asked me that question on five different days, I'd probably give five different answers. My musical taste is quite broad, but if I had to pick a favorite genre, it would probably be 90's alt-rock and grunge.

13.  If I won the lottery tomorrow, I'd          .

I'd put it all in a trust invested in an S&P500 index fund to create generational wealth.

14.  The best piece of advice I've ever been given is                              .

Start saving young and believe in the power of compound interest.