We Help Start-Ups Sell., Grow., Scale.

We help Energy Industry Start-Ups prepare for sales, make sales, and scale. 



Who We Help

Early Stage Start-Ups

We help Early Stage Start-Ups establish product market fit, determine target customers, find early adopters, design and manage pilots, track and manage leads, and plan for commercial scale. 


We help Start-Ups strengthen product market fit, expand customer base, track and manage leads, negotiate contracts, provide sales and marketing support, and plan for scale. 

Later Stage Start-Ups

We help later stage Start-Ups strengthen product market fit, expand geographies and market segments, track and manage leads, negotiate contracts, provide sales and marketing support, and plan for expansion. 

Established Companies

We help established companies introduce new products and services, expand into new geographies and market segments, track and manage leads, and partner with your business development and sales team. 


How We Help


How It Works

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e3 Program

We designed the e3 Program for 3 reasons:

1.  We researched the top reasons why Start-Ups fail, and we built the program to help you avoid those pitfalls.

2. The program gets us up to speed.  Instead of onboarding one sales person, you will onboard a village. 

3. The Villagers have spent years developing a trusted network, and we want them to be confident representing your company.  

*Important:  We are not like a car dealership who adds on unnecessary costs and services.  This program was not built to get consulting work.  We will let you know exactly what we are looking for and what is necessary before starting the program so you can prepare before we get started.  And if there is an area where something needs work, you do not need to use us to fix it. All we want is to make sure you are ready to succeed in The Village. 



Village Entry

This is where the magic happens!  

We take a giant megaphone and share your company with The Villagers.  This includes a personalized webpage on The Village website where the Villagers can log in and get information about all of the Start-Ups that have finished the e3 Program.  We also host a webinar to introduce you to The Villagers, send out emails with ongoing news and updates about your company, and we actively engage The Villagers who we think would be a good fit for your company. 

Remember how fast rumors spread in middle school?  Think of the rumor as your company and The Villagers are your classmates, except it's actually a good rumor that is true.  Which never happened in middle school. 



It's Go Time

Let's get this party started!

I know it probably seems like it couldn't get any better than having a global business development team.  But it doesn't stop there.  The Village is a one-stop-everything-Energy-Industry-Start-Ups-need-for-sales shop.  Except no used car salesman tactics here. We help you manage and prioritize the sales funnel, progress leads to proposals, convert proposals to signed contracts, and set up metrics for customer success.  It only takes one success story from one client to keep the party going.  So that's the gist of things.  Ready to join us?




And we all know numbers are important.  You can hire one sales person or you can hire an experienced village for far less. 

village cost





Well, you are a tough nut to crack.  We would love to chat and answer any of your questions.