You can hire a sales representative or you can hire a village. 



Monthly Support Packages

We are an extended part of your sales team, so as Villagers take your products or services to their networks, the Evolve Village team will help you and your sales team navigate and assess the pipeline, convert leads to sales, and close deals. We also offer dedicated marketing and hands on sales support in the Shredded and Beast Mode packages!  And we never put the megaphone away.  We will keep The Villagers informed and engaged with email campaigns, webinars, events, and LinkedIn engagement.  


Monthly Cost
Annual Cost
Ripped Shredded Beast Mode
Support Packages


Weekly Summary Call
Prioritize Customer Targets
Coordinate and Support Villagers
Coordinate Meetings
Analyze Customer Feedback
Maintain CRM
We can maintain your CRM with our system or use your CRM system
In-Person Meeting Support
We will actively participate in customer meetings
Lead to Closing Preparation
Megaphone to The Villagers
email campaigns, webinars, events, LinkedIn engagement
Case Studies
We will build one case study per quarter
Customized Sales Presentation
We will customize each sales presentation to incorporate the customer's pain point
5 hours of Marketing Services
Can roll over to the next month
Leadership Coaching
Upon Request
Upon Request
Upon Request

More Details

All packages include the following:

  • We coordinate the engaged Villagers and document leads into a well-organized funnel.  The health of the funnel will be assessed with specific KPI’s including lead conversion.
  • We work closely with you to outline customer reach out priorities, incorporate learnings from customer meetings, and steer the respective Villagers to those targets.
  • We assess the strength of the leads pipeline, assess gaps and weaknesses, and identify actions to close the gaps with your in-house sales team.
  • We connect you with target customers.  The Villagers will use their network to be an extension of your sales team, and there is no limit to how many Villagers can represent your company. 
  • We coordinate with the Villagers to make sure they are not tripping over each other’s toes and they are working in a cohesive fashion! 
  • We integrate the Village leads into your CRM system or maintain customer pipeline details in our own reports.  Either way, we provide the information you need in the format that works best for you.
  • We guide you through the sales process so you will gain a deep understanding of your target customer’s situation and pain-points to successfully connect and articulate how your offering adds value and solves their pain-points.
  • We assist in developing proposals with you and the respective Villagers, including helping frame pilots/trials.
  • We help with negotiations support and contracting.
  • Build your company a customized web page in The Evolve Village portal that includes summary of your company (value prop, pain points solved, commercial model, early adopters, and other important information).
  • Send out emails to the Villagers to build and keep excitement about your company’s product and services, news, updates, and recent wins.
  • Plan and host a webinar so we can introduce you and your company to The Villagers. It will be recorded and added to your Evolve Village web page within the portal.
  • Actively engage Villagers who have the applicable experience and network for your company to maximize leads and sales from your target customers.

More questions?

Contact us at  info@evolve-village.com